The Fiddletree Musicians


Otis Tomas is a violin maker, fiddler, and composer living in St Ann's on Cape Breton Island. Over the years his life and that of the Fiddletree have become intertwined.





Sarah McFadyen, originally from the island of Hoy in the Orkneys, off the northeast coast of Scotland, but now living in Edinburgh. Sarah is not only a fine fiddle player, composer, and recording artist, but a budding violin maker as well.


Laoise Kelly, from County Mayo in Ireland, is playing the harp. One of Ireland’s finest traditional harp players, Laoise has made two solo recordings, and she has participated in dozens of others.














Mairi Campbell, Also from Edinburgh, is here playing the viola. Mairi is also a fine fiddle player, as well as a beautiful singer and song writer. Mairi has several recordings, along with her husband David Francis, as “The Cast” as well as a new solo album.


Abby Newton is from Colorado, but makes her home now in New York. As a cellist she has made a name and reputation as a pioneer in the revival of the cello’s use in traditional Scottish music. She can be found on recordings with Alisdair Fraser, “Ferintosh”, and many others.




Claudine Langille --musician, singer and songwriter --is here playing the mandolin. She can be heard on a number of recordings by the now classic band Touchstone, and her current band, “Gypsy Reel”.


Paul MacDonald plays the guitar on this recording, but his involvement in this goes all the way back to the first days of the Fiddletree. Over the years, he has spent many late night sessions in my workshop, tossing the tunes around, and his support has been instrumental in getting this project off the ground. Paul is also a historian of Cape Breton’s musical traditions, and he is a sound recording engineer as well. Paul is responsible for the recording, mixing and production of the CD.



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